12 Main Features of Enzyme 360

Manufacturing Patent
Has a manufacturing patent
Natural Food Source
Contains 202 natural fruits and vegetables, and precious herbs
Deep Independent Fermentation
5 years, 3 degrees of deep independent fermentation based on 5-elements and 5-colour classification of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Higher Antrodia Cinnamomea Content
2% of Antrodia Cinnamomea, more than 20 times its peers
Highest SOD Content
Highest content of SOD, 713 times more than the current market
Higher Fiber Content
Dietary fiber content is 30g/100g, 2-4 times more than its peers
Highest Fermentation Strains
18 fermentation strains, the highest in the industry
Highest Vitamin C Content
Vitamin C content: 4.74 PPM, the highest in the industry
Free of Pesticide, Heavy Metal, Western Medicine, Preservatives and Plasticizers
Passed the pesticide free, heavy metal free, western medicine free, no preservatives and no plasticizers tests
Research & Development
Cooperation with Pennsylvania State University, Hungkuang University, Chung Shan Medical University, National Yang Ming University and National Chiayi University
100% Natural
Pure original fermentation liquid, non-synthetic, non-addition, non-blending and non-dilution
Insurance Coverage
$20 million NT of product liability insurance
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