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Nature 360 Enzyme 360 was founded in 2017.
It is a health food company filled with vitality, passion and innovation.

Brand Story

The broad and fertile land nurtures a magnificent tree. This tree inspired the founders to open the door to their vision of good health. We wish all the best of health and hope to bring across the concept of good health to the world. May the user lead a healthy and active lifestyle!

Nature 360

360 represents complete wisdom, nature represents the return to nature.

Nature 360 means

Return to nature
Healthy life
Beautiful life
Complete wisdom
This is the original intention and mission of the founder
May we guard them together
Self-cultivation and being altruistic to create a great cause
"Be an Outstanding Brand in Southeast Asia and Australia"
"To Be The Health Food For Every Family"
"Taking and Giving Back to the Society.
Health. Confidence. Vitality. Holistic Living."  

What's Inside Enzyme 360?

It contains 202 types of fruits and vegetables, 7 precious herbs, 18 fermentation strains, and have undergone 3-5 years of fermentation. 

It has obtained the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) certification along with various certifications such as Halal, HACCP, ISO22000 and patents especially: *1/2/2018-19/7/2036 (Cordyceps militaris extract with anti-inflammatory properties that inhibit the growth of liver cancer cells and its preparation method). 

Nature 360 is currently working with: Taiwan Biomedical Company, Taiwan Hungkuang University of Science and Technology, China Medical University and various institutions to obtain various certifications.
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Providing You with Safe and Effective Products

Our products have undergone rigorous testing and analysis to ensure that only the best is delivered to you

Various Certifications such as HACCP, ISO22000 Certificate, Production Patents

Quality Inspection Reports include SOD, TEAC, ORAC, No Western Medicine, No Pesticide Residue , No Heavy Metal  and No Preservatives
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